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Barcelona target Real Strikers

Monday “Marca” cover seems shocking. The newspaper said the two “pearl” is the Real Madrid youth academy two of the most promising young players, they are under the age of 19, Spain, an important member of the national team, where Mo Lata have often been compared to Van Nistelrooy, Jose Rodriguez is considered a growing C Ronaldo, and Basara youth academy director Marcia Amor, is now trying to make poached two players.

Mo Lata was born on October 23, 1992, 1 meter 87 tall and weighing 82 kg, has been in last December’s game against Zaragoza, Real Madrid, a team played in the first show, this season he played with Real Madrid II into the 10 goals, his contract with Real Madrid expires in 2013. Many people believe that Real Madrid Football Shirt club, Mola Ta if given the opportunity, he can repeat the success Raul. Jose was born on February 26, 1993, 1 meter 78 tall and weighing 72 kg, into the 15 goals this season, his contract with Real Madrid expires in 2012. Lamaxiya youth academy is very optimistic about the two most promising stars of hope Real Madrid, Barca coach Josep Guardiola has learned that, if hired from Real Madrid two young players, but that is no matter how well things the.

If you have a good chance that Barcelona would be complete eye fast chips poaching work. “Marca,” said the Real Madrid back in two youth academy players still in the youth team playing football, Barcelona’s scouts had been watching them, and they get the information is also very positive, Barcelona has been the club’s technical department these two players as the signings of choice. Jose Guardiola and la liga kits very much appreciate, but also know them very well because melon handsome as when the Barcelona B team coach to young players concerned the performance of the two Real Madrid.

The two young players are not long contract with Real, but their situation is not the same. Mo Lata is now the second team’s top scorer Real Madrid Real Madrid top’ve admired him, and Mourinho has repeatedly made it clear that he will enter next season, a team of Real Madrid. In other words, Mo Lata at Real Madrid can be guaranteed given the opportunity, it also made to dig his Barcelona may become negligible. But the case of Jose is not so clear, he is still two teams play the following Junior A team, Real Madrid wanted to contract with the small barca shirts but now the two sides have not yet reached. Jose’s agent, broker he famous in Spain, who is closely related with Barcelona, Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes is his agent, he has been closely watching Jose’s attitude towards Real Madrid, if Real Madrid contract, given that he and Jose can not be satisfied, then they do not rule out the possibility of a change of environment.

However, “Marca” also pointed out that Barcelona will probably not shot short side, because they do not want spending money in Jose, the most likely scenario is that the contract with Real until the end of Jose, and then the wear free of charge Pedro’s Canary fellow. Jose’s contract with Real Madrid is due to expire next summer, when a talented Barcelona can be white. Camp Nou high-level trust, the two young players with Real Madrid in Barcelona, a team of the future quality of play. Jose is a strong ability to break through winger, and he can play middle position, such as delayed center, and his somewhat similar characteristics and real madrid shirts  is a great striker scoring ability, but he can play the wing, and his ball speed is fast.

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