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  • Vapcigtech Posted 25 maggio 2016 13:13

    Hi Dan i have new e-pipe and e-cigar for your review, how can i contact you by email

  • granfabrica Posted 25 maggio 2016 13:30

    Not jacked on meth or anything…

  • Dakota Akcita Posted 25 maggio 2016 14:20

    Key Problem: The pipe stem is only held on by friction and a rubber bushing. In other words when juice gets on the top part of the coil housing…the damn bottom falls off and on to the floor. If it is a hard floor it can break the pipe.

  • TheWayha Posted 25 maggio 2016 14:23

    Buddy, thank you. I was trying to unscrew my tank when I started your video. Had no idea how to set up battery. Am green then Kermit still but getting there. Thanks man.

  • Matthew Raman Posted 25 maggio 2016 14:40

    How old is Skylar to still be giving you "puppy dog eye?" lol

  • Sub-Zero Posted 25 maggio 2016 15:32

    I order a pipe and a zippo from tmart. it took damn near a month to arrive

  • kyuubinaruto1025 Posted 25 maggio 2016 15:33

    Excellent review/overview really helped me with my product

  • Frank Smithey Posted 25 maggio 2016 15:53

    what about the coil what if it goes out I am ordering one but what and how long can you go before the coil goes out

  • Taylor Sloat Posted 25 maggio 2016 16:33

    Awesome review, I got this off EBAY and the sets from china come with an adapter for American plugs. It charges in four hours and gives a couple days worth of hitting. Like you said, the best way to get a lot of vapor is to widen the hole at the top of the tank. However, the atomizer tank cores dent VERY easily, so be incredibly careful when cleaning or swapping out the cores. Also, one of the studs on my secondary tank popped off when I unscrewed the cap, so the best way to disassemble is to remove the tank completely, then unscrew. Because I accidentally broke my core, I also found that the white stoppers at the top of the tank are easily removable and can be swapped out if you have spare cores. Just mix and match them until you have a nice, hard-hitting atomizer core. 

    The maintenance is just as tedious, if not less tedious, than a standard tobacco pipe. So if you want the experience of pipe tobacco without the bad breath and cancer, this pipe is for you. Excellent product.

  • jerro19711971 Posted 25 maggio 2016 17:22

    Dad….teach me how to ruin my lungs by smoking….Dad……I need a filthy habit got any ideas Dad?

  • matthew kovach Posted 25 maggio 2016 17:35

    Can you fill the capsule with water?

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