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  • AMBROZIA Posted 28 giugno 2016 22:18


  • Aalihte Posted 28 giugno 2016 23:10

    p.s. just found the k1000 on gearbest..you're the best :)

  • Aalihte Posted 28 giugno 2016 23:27

    your videos are so pleasant and soothing lol. I really like the cool vape stuff and you explain everything really well. You've convinced me that not only are these overseas shops reputable but..now i need an e-pipe. maybe two…now if only they had a vv.vw e-pipe

  • Peigi Religa Posted 28 giugno 2016 23:47

    Love your stealth vaping!! Thank you for a very entertaining and informative review of this e-pipe.

  • Zack M. Posted 29 giugno 2016 00:08

    you are a card, but i enjoyed the review

  • kelverv Posted 29 giugno 2016 00:59


  • Marcus Muchler Posted 29 giugno 2016 01:54

    Thank you this will save me a lot of money 

  • EvilEmpireStudios Posted 29 giugno 2016 02:43

    What kind of rda is that?

  • DizzyGoats Posted 29 giugno 2016 03:36

    is there an extension you could buy to allow it to fit an 18650?

  • Jacob Chen Posted 29 giugno 2016 03:43

    Fred, I just wanted to let you know I love your videos. Too often older guys are thought of as cranky people who don't like to mess around. I love to see people like yourself joking and laughing, saying things like "nothing to see here" and "relaxing with a book and some classical music". Thanks for the videos Fred! Keep up the good work.

  • Brendan Cart Posted 29 giugno 2016 04:16

    Great video, great youtube channel, also a true patriot love all the america stuff lol 🙂 

  • Daniel Wolfsong Posted 29 giugno 2016 04:19

    Mine shorted-out and got so hot it darn near started a fire. It actually melted the springs inside. I took it back to the store – they replaced the springs and it soon shorted-out again and almost burned my hand. Never again. I'll stick with variable voltage mods.

  • braidengarner Posted 29 giugno 2016 04:24

    Could you do a video on where to find good batteries please and thank you 

  • Patrick O’Neil Posted 29 giugno 2016 05:17

    Hi what is the RBA ou use on the mod i love how it looks on this e-pipe the way you had it was just what i want.

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