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Electronic Sigarette

Who does not know the real dangers of smoking, yet a lot of people indulge in smoking everyday. Despite its hazardous effects people still smoke, this is the power of addiction. Luckily this addiction can be overcome. For this very reason of being dangerous, it is important that you overcome this addiction and quit smoking and stay clean from smoking, you would be adding more years to your life.

Overcoming a habit that has grown into an addiction can be very difficult. Just like trying to lose weight, quitting smoking can be very difficult for those that want to quit. People like you who want to stop smoking usually go through hard times to succeed; you will experience various smoking withdrawal symptoms.

In trying to quit smoking, the most difficult time is the first couple of weeks. This period is crucial and will determine how far you will go in your quest to quit smoking. This is time when the smoking withdrawal symptoms are at their highest. You know at this time the body is not yet used to the absence of nicotine, the body will then react to this by manifesting the withdrawal symptoms which include nausea, sweating, and a tingling sensation in the limbs. The nausea is actually a result of the body craving for a light; your head will feel heavy and you will feel the urge to vomit even when you did not eat. Electronic Sigarette

For those that have been smoking for a very long time before deciding to quit, your body would have already developed a chemical dependency on nicotine. Sudden withdrawal of this nicotine will surely cause symptoms, some people will experience throwing tantrums, they will also experience irritability and anxiety, and they will also suffer from lack of sleep. With all these mentioned there is likely to be feelings of hopelessness, remorse, guilt, and anger, and depression is likely to set in.

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If you eventually make it past this stage, then you surely are on your way to overcoming your smoking addiction. Be sure to fill up your days with activities so you do not find yourself alone and be tempted to smoke again.

The best way to stop smoking withdrawal symptoms is to be disciplined. Avoid the things you do that encourage smoking like drinking or hanging out with smoking friends. Let your close friends and family know and they will help you. With all these you are well on your way to quitting the most deadly of habits. Electronic Sigarette

After years of trying, I finally Quit Smoking!

Now I live healthier and still smoking …

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