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  • Adrian Jordan Posted 28 giugno 2016 18:12

    A real pipe has a coke lining to the bowl over time and the taste has nothing to do with the wood.  Otherwise a good review (pipe smoker for 45 years)

  • Miguel Escamilla Posted 28 giugno 2016 19:01

    Always great vids!

  • igetcha69 Posted 28 giugno 2016 19:29

    yes mate 🙂

  • Glen Honour Posted 28 giugno 2016 20:08

    great review man ! just out of curiosity are the cartridges refillable?

  • igetcha69 Posted 28 giugno 2016 20:29

    hi mate,

    are you sure you are using the exact same model as in this review? reason i ask is that the model in this review only has one coloured LED but you are saying that your pipe has 2 different coloured LED's?

    and no, it does not require a main on / off button……the one im reviewing is an automatic and will only activate when you inhale. so when not inhaling the battery is not being used and will therefore not lose any power (unless not used for a very long period of time)

  • Marcus Jensen Posted 28 giugno 2016 20:42

    # maybe its just me being a moro , but shouldnt there be a standby/turn off on the pipe? it melts down after 2 hours even though i dont use it….

  • Marcus Jensen Posted 28 giugno 2016 21:17

    Well, it doesnt work, if i flip the batteri around, it light normal and wirks, but if i turn it the right way, it just shows a red light. i cant inhale. Also, when i flup it the wrong way, it only works for like 2 hours max. and it ends up melting like a vulcano.. maybe uts just me bien

  • igetcha69 Posted 28 giugno 2016 21:18

    do you mean when you inhale a red light emits? if so, then that sounds like its working correctly to me 🙂

  • Marcus Jensen Posted 28 giugno 2016 21:18

    My pipe shows a red light, instead of a yellow? Is that normal, or is it because it needs power? It has been charging in about a day or so.

  • igetcha69 Posted 28 giugno 2016 21:36

    Well I've recently had £3000 of dental treatment and I can wager I have a far better set of teeth than you now……so my teeth are fixed, but I bet you are still an ugly cunt!

    Now jog on ya MUG!

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