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  • David Webb (CitiXsys) Posted 28 giugno 2016 19:05

    I would like instructions on how to blow the smoke rings 😉 The review was very good and honest for a change – some reviewers tend to say everything is good regardless of what it is… so it is nice to see something like this.

  • Drew Rivers Posted 28 giugno 2016 19:27

    Hiya Scott. Always loved your reviews and have been really helpful in my vaping but I always wondered how honest some of the reviews were, well I think this one shows best how honest they are, you're right, the gems do look a bit naff! Thank you :)

  • TheFast79 Posted 28 giugno 2016 19:36

    The lord of the rings……;)

  • leoclarkontv Posted 28 giugno 2016 19:39

    Hey , do you have to use e liquid , can you use just every liquid like water?

  • Posted 28 giugno 2016 20:16

    Selvom det måske ikke er 100 % vores område – hvor sjovt er det lige, at der også findes e-piper?

  • doking2006 Posted 28 giugno 2016 20:35

    I've got this pipe as well.. I started using a low resistance clearomizer on it and my custom e-liquids contain 70-80% VG. After those changes, plus getting used to press the button in an intermitent way, I like it and I get good vapor. Obviously not the best product in the market, though. But now it works for me.

  • wlud Posted 28 giugno 2016 20:35

    Got quite a bunch of e-pipes and this one is one of the worse.. It gives very low tension, is not automatic and overall shuts down every 5 seconds.. You're right to mention the defects of this product as it does not deserve a great success.. In the same range of price one's better get a 618 which is a much better product, although it's proprietary tank is quite difficult to find in spare parts..(Except in Germany where this model is very appreciated).

  • igetcha69 Posted 28 giugno 2016 21:24

    hi mate,

    if they fit an ego battery then they should fit fine on this pipe



  • aphaileeja Posted 28 giugno 2016 21:42

    Does this epipe fit with the kanger t3?

  • igetcha69 Posted 28 giugno 2016 22:10

    hi mate,

    yes, all e-pipes produce vapour

    vaping does not involve any actual tobacco or burning so the smell is nothing like a cigarette, pipe etc……the tobacco flavours emit a nice faint sweet smell (like a caramel) and the fruity flavours smell like the fruits

    the smell only lingers for a few seconds before vanishing 🙂



  • Fetchd Posted 28 giugno 2016 23:02

    Do all the pipes that you have reviewed release water vapor? and do they emit a smell at all? if they do have a smell, does it smell like tobacco, or does it just smell like whatever liquid you are using?

  • Steve Lauder Posted 28 giugno 2016 23:27

    You need to review bad gear every now and then so people know you don't just say that everything's great! It's a bit of light and shade 😉

  • igetcha69 Posted 28 giugno 2016 23:56

    if you watch the review you will see i pretty much agree with your comment, lol 😀

  • Mad Max Posted 29 giugno 2016 00:29

    Do you start reviewing ugly looking bullshit ? 😀
    Sorry Scott, but my honest soul punished me to say it 😀


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