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  • Matteo Ratti Posted 28 giugno 2016 18:54

    Hi, what kind of material is ? Eggshell matte?
    I can not understand.

  • MrSXys WildRide Posted 28 giugno 2016 19:44

    I'm a vape noob so I figured I'd ask a more experienced person, such as yourself, about this. Would an Aspire Atlantis clearomizer and .5 ohm coil be safe to use with this pipe mod? I know the tank might look a bit ridiculous on this pipe but it's the only one I have at the moment.
    Thanks much

  • vn01208503 Posted 28 giugno 2016 20:25

    hi, what kind of tank are you using? and i see on their site the tip has the option to choose 1 o ring or 2 o rings . Whats the difference between 1 and 2 o rings?

  • jan christian Frodahl Posted 28 giugno 2016 20:31

    Dissing lord of the rings.. Brave.. LoL :p

  • PAULLONDEN Posted 28 giugno 2016 20:55

    Looks like a little work of art.

  • Luke Colledge Posted 28 giugno 2016 21:47

    Also like the dicodes 2380 

  • Luke Colledge Posted 28 giugno 2016 22:13

    I am gonna get me one to have 1000mg Cbd e liquid in it.

  • rocco digilio Posted 28 giugno 2016 22:20

    trying to buy limelight pipe, I'm not getting any kind of response.what the fuck is the problem?? I give up ,fuck it.   

  • Benjamin Rice Posted 28 giugno 2016 22:31

    Thanks for sharing this video. Epipes are not hugely popular here in the states but I love them and probably wouldn't have found this one if not for your video. Cheers ! 

  • Sam Gilmour Posted 28 giugno 2016 22:39

    when you buy the purple orchid does it come with the stem and the tank or is all that bought separately?

  • Monkey D. Luffy Posted 28 giugno 2016 23:25

    Hey. My dad bought a electronic pipe and he used the thing with 1.0 ohms. After inhaling like 20 times the accu got realy hot and he pulled it out of the pipe. Some minutes later the accu exploded. Which accu can he use which wont explode?

  • Tobias Posted 28 giugno 2016 23:27

    this is too cool!!!

  • James Brown Posted 29 giugno 2016 00:01

    Hi mate, would be keen to know what your thoughts of the pipe are now. Also have you had much experience of the Kamry K1000? What are your thoughts on that?

  • Toa Takanuva Posted 29 giugno 2016 00:35

    Hello sir,
    I have a sight dilemma, and I've come to a vaping expert for assistance. You see, I've never speed a pipe in my life before, but I do know that their are health risks, so when I heard about E-pipes, I was quite ecstatic! But I have a question. From what I understand, an atomizer contains efluid, which is what the vape is but in liquid form. Are these efluids loaded with chemicals and other stuff that could be harmful? And do many efluids contain nicotine? I ask you this not as an adult, but as a teenager, one who has a long life ahead of him, and one who wants to enjoy that life without diminishing it's length and measure.
    Sincerely, Taka

  • W Loake Posted 29 giugno 2016 00:40

    Great film critique, wish Barry Norman had been as honest lol, classic!

  • bearlooter Posted 29 giugno 2016 00:42

    can i use a dab style globe one here?

  • StRoth Posted 29 giugno 2016 01:17

    hey scott,
    is it possible to buy atomizers on the limelightmechanics shop?
    if not where could i get some to try on the pipe?

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