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  • Bacender Posted 17 febbraio 2017 15:40

    Nice novelty product, but the plastic button that jiggles, and the full plastic construction makes it look like a toy. Would've preferred full aluminium build. And my god that menu system looks like a nightmare.

  • Robert Caperton Posted 17 febbraio 2017 16:09

    my question can you put a TFV8 tank on the Guardian pipe 3 mod

  • Junk Wah Posted 17 febbraio 2017 17:03

    Hello, , my questions is : is that device fit with rdta duo fused clapton coil example like vgod ,or other RDTA ?

  • Samuraislash600 Posted 17 febbraio 2017 17:32

    What juice is that?

  • cassius969 Posted 17 febbraio 2017 17:56

    Have a like just for The Turtles (pre Bay)

  • Kevin Raymond Khoo Posted 17 febbraio 2017 18:19

    i heard the mod is getting hot very fast… is it real??

  • Abdulla AlTurabi Posted 17 febbraio 2017 18:26

    i just got mine and its fucking with me tbh.. so please help… i have my watt set to 33… whenever i push it higher to like 40+ … it stops workong and says short atomizer .. i want to use this piece of shit at its full potential not half
    … so wtf is this problem??? information that might help: im using 18650 battery.. with an atomizer of 0.2 ohms with 30-60w shit (comes with the mod)… so why the fk is it not working???

  • Emily Warner Posted 17 febbraio 2017 18:54

    Thank you for your reveiw. I bought this a gift for my husband as a "cool/fun" thing. He doesn't know anything about this product but he was an avid pipe tabacco smoker and missed holding a pipe. I hope he is pleased with it.

  • Gino Gambino Posted 17 febbraio 2017 19:52

    by far my favorite youtube vaper right here. Vape on Twisted great vid and banging ass mod

  • melvin Morales Posted 17 febbraio 2017 20:51

    just picked one up, not bad at all

  • John Phillips Posted 17 febbraio 2017 21:39

    Should get yourself a pipe stand. Here one I found you might like. https://www.amazon.com/Tobacco-Pipe-Stand-Finished-Foldable/dp/B00NBGD11K

  • rayyan munawar Posted 17 febbraio 2017 22:22

    could anyone plz tell me the best setting to get max smoke?

  • Nicola Newell Posted 17 febbraio 2017 23:15

    Twisted we watch because you are f*>~ing fantastic. You have a great day and keep doing what you do x

  • teimuraz gochitashvili Posted 17 febbraio 2017 23:47

    man you are the coolest reviewer I have ever seen ;D
    good luck  ✌

  • Jeff Paseka Posted 18 febbraio 2017 00:42

    Thanks to your great review I purchased one of these a few months ago and love it.  It is a great conversation piece wherever I take it.  Thanks Twisted420

  • Crestoify Posted 18 febbraio 2017 01:18

    So I got mine today, and I inserted the battery the wrong way…Shit almost exploded and started smoking.
    I'm an idiot…

  • chocolatemilk15 Posted 18 febbraio 2017 01:48

    that would be dope if it lit up red around the screen

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